Project Photo52: January

This year, I wanted to challenge myself to take more photos of my own personal life. While many people think that photographers must just be snapping photos like its our job, the fact that photography is my job has led me to sometimes only take photos of clients and forget about capturing those special moments in my own life.

I’ll admit that sometimes I am so busy with my business that sometimes I get burnt out on taking even more pictures when I’m “off the clock.” Photography is an integral and very important part of my life though. Being a photographer, I have to push myself to capture what is most important to me – my family, my day to day, the events of the year that time will pass by.

Each week, I’m aiming to take photos daily or at least a few times a week. Below are my picks for the week. My goal is to have 52 photos from 2017 to look back on that represent my life, my family, and who I am. The ultimate goal of this project is not just to have 52 photos but to push myself outside my comfort zone when it comes to photography and to learn and grow.

Each month, I’ll share a recap of the photos from each week. You can also catch them on Instagram. I hope you enjoy following along!


The first week of the New Year. I was feeling a little glum, admittedly. A friend came over to hang out and brought us chips & salsa and this gorgeous bouquet from Whole Foods. This was the perfect boost that I needed that day.


My sweet keiki outside, about to get on her trike.


Along the north eastern coast of Oahu, on our way to the North Shore for the day.


Candid self portrait of my daughter and I. I got a tripod and shutter button so I could take our own family photos like this. This was the first photo I took. I asked her to give me a kiss and clicked the button. It worked!

Overall, January’s pictures seem to be a pretty accurate representation of my life. I love flowers, there will undoubtedly be a lot of pictures of my daughter (and soon to be another one), and Hawaii.

I’m excited to take some more interesting images this coming month.

xxoo Melissa

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