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My personal blog is called Freeing Imperfections. It chronicles my daily life, recipes, health and fitness related topics, and blog tips. I’ve gone through quite a few designs over the years, but am determined to stick to the one I just made to stop changing it up on people!


I am very happy with how this redesign came out. It was ultimately a big piece of my decision to start redesigning other’s blogs. Not to toot my own horn, but I’ve gotten many compliments on it 🙂

I made this design in July 2015 after I designed some business cards for my mother-in-law’s plant and honey business. She knew she wanted a chalkboard look, flowers, and at least something with a bee in it to symbolize honey.

I loved what I was working with for her design, so I took all the same elements to make my header.

The basic elements of the design were chalkboard backgrounds, bright purple, mint/aqua bloom flowers, one small bee, and the text “Daydreamer.”

basic design elements

I chose to include a bee in my site design because I’m obsessed with bees (hence Bee Sweet Photo + Design). My name means honey bee in Greek. Ever since I found that out, I get all kinds of bee things as gifts and have bee decor all over my house. Although my site name has nothing to do with bees, it’s my little touch of “me” in there that only I know what it means.

Freeing Imperfections Header

This design uses Foodie Pro StudioPress child theme as a base. I didn’t change much about this theme but just added my own elements to make it unique. I really love working with Foodie Pro and know that it will serve my blog for years to come because it’s so versatile.

I also love that this theme has a very easy to configure recipes page. My food is not a food blog, per say. But I had plenty of recipes to make use of this page.
recipes index Foodie Pro

This theme is great for food blogs and health and fitness blogs. You can also turn the recipes page into a showcase of any one topic of your choosing by changing the name. Again – so versatile!

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